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How Divorce Mediation Characteristics?

Mediation is a meeting between each party of the custody or divorce circumstance. The involved celebrations gather to communicate and attempt to put together arrangements to solve the divorce as well as the things do after that, through the help of an impartial third party known as the divorce mediator. Mediation could not known as […]

Marriage counseling at its finest

Marriages can be tough and sometimes you need outside support and counseling. The constant bickering and fighting can really put a strain on a relationship. You cannot put a price tag on a relationship especially a healthy one. Seeking a top marriage counselor is a really good decision for couples that want to get closer […]

Why Legal Separation Makes More Sense than a Collaborative Divorce?

Everyone dreams about enjoying their married lives, living happily ever after and other such wonderful perks. But no one sees the dark side coming; the fights, the tensions and the ugly divorce agreements. To make divorces easier, the law-makers recently came up with a concept of a “collaborative divorce”. Collaborative Divorce Collaborative divorce as the […]