The problem of teenage online gambling

As far as addiction goes, teenagers are and have always been the most vulnerable age group. Gambling used to be inaccessible to teens pre internet era as a result was not a troubling issue. Back in 1995 when the internet became readily available in households there were 24 online casinos. IN 2016 the number has grown to over 3,000 with easily evaded age controls, making online gambling the fastest rising addiction in teens.
Plenty of studies have been done on this phenomenon and the numbers are frightening to say the least, the rates of pathological gambling are much higher in teens than in adults. Several studies done in North American and in Europe indicate that at least 20% of teens participate in online gambling on a weekly basis bit around 5% to 6% are pathological gamblers. It is estimated that there are approximately 8 million pathological gamblers in the US out of which 1 million are teenagers. Other studies done in the US show even more concerning numbers where it is estimated that as high as 80% if the teenage population takes part in some kind of online gambling (predominately using online casinos) and that 15% of teens are pathological gamblers. More research done in the US, UK, Norway, Canada, and Australia suggests that 15% of teens who have been treated for this addiction return to it.

online casinoThe addiction goes along with money issues and mounting debt, interpersonal problems, criminal behavior as well as clinical depression. Much like an opiate addiction, these teens are obsessed with gambling, anticipating and planning their next activities which in turn involves lying to loved ones and stealing money to support their habit. This results in decreased school performance, family issues, problems with the law, antisocial behavior and substance abuse top online casinos uk. The destructive behavior leads to problems with low self-esteem agitation and indifference unless engaged in gambling. The gambling high passes the moment the activity is finished and then the self-loathing and depression set in. To add to the problem, very often the online gambling of teens goes unnoticed by their parents and guardians until it becomes a pathological and results in devastating consequences online casinos. Even more alarming is that surveys done on parents of teens have indicated that most parents see online gambling as a potential problem. The unpreparedness of the parents is to be expected considering that although it is the fastest growing teen addiction it is also the newest one.
Research has shown that certain personality traits in teenagers make them more likely to get addicted. For instance, teens who get excited and cheerful easily, who lack self-discipline and are low on conformity are much more susceptible to getting addicted.
The online way to deal with this issue is for the parents to accept that their teen has a problem and seek help. There are several treatment options available to help a teen addicted to online gambling. There are programs and even boarding schools which include therapy focused on dealing with this addiction.

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